Jeffs' Birding Database

Details Tab
This contains information on the birds listed in the database. Use the record selectors the go back and forward, or limit using the A-Z filters, Keyword search or Species search options on the bottom of the form.

Sightings Tab
From here you can see sighting details recorded for each species.

Images Tab
Use the Insert Image button to add an image to the database. The image will be stored in the database (see the MS Knowledgebase for more details or for working example with source code.
To view an image which is stored in the database, click on the View button, this imagefile is extracted from the database into c:\jbd3\temp (this directory and its contents are deleted when the database is shutdown) or alternatively use the open with associated application button.
The 'View All Images' button will list all the images stored in the database, these can be viewed individually, opened or viewed in slide show mode.
The 'Delete Links' button will delete all marked image links from the database.

Sound and Video Tab
Again the sound or Video file is stored in the database as with Images. You have the option of Play (Midi,Avi and Wav only) see The Access Web for more details or Open (uses associated application)

Input and Search button
This opens the Input and Search form. Set the input defaults to the location and date of your birding trip, then input away. To enter a new location, click on the 'new/+' button and enter the site details.

Exit Database button
This will quit the Database and delete the c:\jbd3\temp directory and its contents, depending on which version you are running, it may also compact the database.


This database was designed using UK date settings, you may need to change your short date format to dd/mm/yyyy

JBD v4.0 

Access 2002 - 2007 510kb WP bird list (contains 980 birds)  

Access 2007 Runtime 

Runtime 51Mb If you don't have the full version of MS Access 2002 upwards, Microsoft have release a free runtime version