Sightings: 2007

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ADE JOHNSON on Thursday, 18 January 2007
Bittern reported over Newlands from Carlton hide at 9.00am
BIRDGUIDES on Wednesday, 17 January 2007
Bittern, still, in reeds to the left of East Marsh Hide
DAVE MCINTOSH on Wednesday, 17 January 2007
Great Crested Grebe 2:Cormorant 10: Grey Heron 1: Mute Swan 2:Canada 4:Shelduck 1:Gadwall 7: Teal 35: Mallard 35: Shoveler 46:Pochard 31:Tufted 31:Goldeneye 3:Buzzard 1:Pheasant 1: Moorhen 1:Coot 23:Lapwing 2:Great Spotted Woodpecker 2:Wren 1:Dunnock 3:Robin 5:Blackbird 1:Blackbird 11:Redwing 1:Goldcrest 1: Great Tit 16: Blue Tit 11: Reed Bunting 4: Chaffinch 11:Greenfinch 1: Goldfinch 1:Redpoll 1: Bullfinch 4:Jay 1:
PAUL NORMAN on Tuesday, 16 January 2007
Bittern also showed at lunchtime in the Phragmities to the left of East Marsh Pool Hide
BIRDGUIDES on Tuesday, 16 January 2007
Bittern, showing from East Marsh Hide at dusk.
WARWICKBIRDS on Sunday, 14 January 2007
Recorded on Warwickbirds mailgroup (per S.Valentine):
Bittern - seen in the channel from the East Marsh hide in the afternoon
and then flew from there to Newlands at 16:50.
L.Redpoll - c20
Snipe - 2
Willow Tit
Water Rail
DAVE MCINTOSH on Saturday, 06 January 2007
Great Crested Grebe 1:Cormorant 9: Grey Heron 3: Mute Swan 5:Wigeon 10:Gadwall 19: Teal 30: Mallard 47: Shoveler 42:Pochard 46:Tufted 33:Goldeneye 2:Sparrowhawk 1:Pheasant 1: Moorhen 4:Coot 16: Snipe 1: Kingfisher 1:Great Spotted Woodpecker 2:Wren 3:Dunnock 2:Robin 3:Blackbird 4:Fieldfare 1:Long-Tailed Tit 13: Great Tit 7: Blue Tit 10: Reed Bunting 3: Chaffinch 21: Goldfinch 5:Redpoll 8: Bullfinch 1: Treecreeper 1:
GARETH BLOCKLEY on Friday, 05 January 2007
Not so wet today with the majority of paths clear but wellies
definately needed.
Total bird count of 34.
Notable birds being Redpolls (lesser); one was seen behind the Mouse
maze and at least three on an Alder before Wright hide in a party of
about 15 Goldfinchs. Bullfinchs; 2 males, one behind mouse maze and one
in new hare covert. Reed bunting; female behind mouse maze. Cetti's
warbler singing around grebe pool. Goldcrest in new hare covert.
Redwing; 20+ near golf course. Goldeneye; 1 m 1 f, East marsh.
JEFF on Friday, 05 January 2007
Goldfinch/Redpoll/Siskin (50+ mixed flock), Goldcrest (2), Redwing, G-C Grebe (1), Mallard, Coot, Goldeneye (1♂ 2♀), Wigeon (4), Pochard (12), Shoveler (30+), Gadwall, Kingfisher, Water Rail, Cormorant, Tufted Duck, Feral Pigeon (2), Willow Tit (1), L-T Tit (12), Sparrowhawk (1), Mute Swan (6), Bullfinch (3)
PAUL NORMAN on Tuesday, 02 January 2007
Due to flood water only the Wright and Steetly hides were accessible this morning. Goldeneye and 1 GC Grebe still on East Marsh and a Little Grebe on West Marsh.