Sightings: 2003

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MAZ on Monday, 29 December 2003
Shoveler (44), Pochard (4), Teal (160+), Tufed duck (3), Redwing/Fieldfare flock (20+), Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Gadwall (1), Grey Heron (1), Goldeneye (1), Shelduck (1), Wood Pigeon (180+)
SPIKE on Sunday, 28 December 2003
Bittern flew from right side into left reedbed at 12.55, also Buzzard, Kingfisher, long tailed tits, and Redpoll.
D & B HUNT on Sunday, 28 December 2003
2.20 PM Bittern flew into reeds to the left of East Marsh Hide, from towards the Sand Martin Wall.
40+ Cormorants(approx 35 flew over)
WARWICKBIRDS on Sunday, 28 December 2003
27th December 2003
Bittern flew from the right of the East Marsh hide to the left at c12:45 also Cetti's from East Marsh hide
SPIKE / MARTIN DURKIN on Thursday, 25 December 2003
10.00- 10.45 Bittern in reeds at east marsh hide, flew to right hand side of reeds.
JEFF on Wednesday, 24 December 2003
Bittern (1), Goldeneye (1), Pochard (8), Treecreeper (1), Teal (120+), Gadwall (2), Tufted ducks (3), Canada Geese (8), Mute Swan (6), Pheasant (2), Long-tailed tit (21)
WARWICKBIRDS on Tuesday, 23 December 2003
1-30 pm, the Bittern flew from right to left across east Marsh hide,crashlanding into the reedbed where it stayed, partly visible, at least for the next hour.
Male Goldeneye also present
BIRDGUIDES on Tuesday, 23 December 2003
Bittern, again to the right of East Marsh Hide
PAUL - MANDY on Sunday, 21 December 2003
Sunday 21 East Marsh Hide 2.30pm Bittern flew up from reeds at left of hide and back. 3.45pm from East Marsh Hide. Bittern flew from reeds left of hide into reeds behind the sand martin mound.
ADE J on Tuesday, 16 December 2003
Tues 16th
Bittern(East marsh hide), Shoveler(70),
Teal(200+), Pochard(12), Gadwall(4),
Siskin(8), Goldcrest(6), Goldfinch(12),
Bullfinch(2), Redwing(10), Water Rail,
Cettis W' calling, Jay, Mixed Tit Flock,